Podcasts and Lessons for the Week of November 30th, 2020

California Stamp

Monday's Podcast: California

A homeschool-friendly podcast about the Golden State.

Big Ideas

Tuesday's Podcast: 16 Reasons Homeschool Is Great, Part I

In Part I of a two-part lesson, Criswell talks about the benefits of homeschooling.

Big Ideas

Wednesday's Podcast: 16 Reasons Homeschooling Is Great, Part II

Criswell conculdes his discussion about the joys of homeschooling. 

Louisiana Stamp

Thursday's Podcast: Louisiana

A homeschool-friendly podcast about the Bayou State

George Washington

A Greatest Hits Friday Podcast from Our Archive: George Washington

For a podcast and lesson about America's first president, click here.

Homeschool Express Podcast

An Archive of Season 1 Podcasts and Lessons

Check out all of our podcasts from the first season of the Homeschool Express.

All aboard for our 5-day-a-week podcast for Homeschoolers!

Monday through Friday, our podcast delivers a train-load of fun facts and interesting stories that will inform and inspire young homeschoolers. 

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And we've even created a kids' series that celebrates homeschooling!

The creators of the Homeschool Express, Carli and Criswell Freeman, also write a series of children’s books about a homeschooled girl detective and her brainy big brother who travel with their family on a train, solving mysteries along the way.

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Welcome to the Homeschool Express Podcast

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