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Mr. Rogers: A TV Star with a Very Big Heart…

He was not only the star of his own kid-friendly TV show (which was called Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood); he was also a song-writer, a puppeteer, and an ordained Presbyterian minister. His television show, which was produced in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was intended for children but appropriate for all ages.

Fred Rogers dedicated himself to creating positive-message television for children, and the series he created can still be seen on TV, many years’ after the death of its creator.

Fred RogersMr. Rogers was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom; he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame; and, one of his sweaters in on display at the Smithsonian Institution. But his greatest achievement had nothing to do with fame or fortune. His greatest achievement was helping kids feel better about their world and themselves.

Fred Rogers made the world a better place, and you can, too. When you do, it will most certainly be a beautiful day in your neighborhood.

Bright Ideas

5 Quotes by Fred Rogers

“There are three ways to ultimate success. The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.”

“It’s not so much what we have in this life that matters. It’s what we do with what we have.”

“Each of us has one life to live on earth, and we should cherish it in creative, imaginative ways.”

“You’re much more than your job description or your age or your income or your output.”

“Real strength has to do with helping others.”

Nifty Fifty

About Pennsylvania

It’s a Fact: Fred Rogers was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The famous golfer Arnold Palmer was also born in Latrobe.

It’s a Fact: The biggest city in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia. The second-biggest city in Pennsylvania is Pittsburg,. The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg.

It’s a Fact: Hershey, Pennsylvania is called Chocolate Town, USA because that’s where they make Hershey’s candies.

It’s a Fact: The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is also the home of the famous American symbol of freedom: the Liberty Bell.

It’s a Fact: The banana split was invented in Mr. Rogers’ hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. In 1904, the original banana split was created by David Evans Strickler at Strickler’s Drug Store. Yum!

More Fun Facts

Fun Fact: The capital of China is Beijing. The first part of Beijing is pronounced like the “bay” in E-Bay.  The second part is pronounced like the “jing” in the song Jingle Bells.

Fun Fact: Franklin D. Roosevelt, from Hyde Park, New York, was the only American president to be elected 4 times.

Fun Fact: The biggest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean.

Fun Fact: The biggest river in America is the Mississippi.

Fun Fact: The tallest mountain in the world is called Mount Everest.

Fun Fact: The Sun is a star, like the other stars you see at night. But, the Sun is much, much brighter because it’s much, much closer. If you shined a light at the next nearest star, it would take over four years for that beam of light to arrive there.

Questions and Answers
Just for fun,
see if you can answer these questions.

Fred Rogers was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Who else was born there?
The golfing legend Arnold Palmer was also born in Latrobe. Latrobe’s airport is named after Palmer who (like Fred Rogers) also won the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Not one, but two Medal of Freedom winners from one small town: that’s amazing!

What's the capital of Pennsylvania? Is it Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, or Latrobe?
Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania.

Which United States president was elected four times? Was it Teddy Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt?
Franklin Roosevelt was elected president four times. His fifth cousin Theodore Roosevelt was elected president twice.

Which ocean is bigger? The Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, or the Indian Ocean?
The Pacific Ocean is the biggest. The Atlantic Ocean is the second-biggest.

Write Your Own Story

If you have time, you can write a story of your own.

Here are a couple of story ideas you can choose from.

Story Idea #1: You can write about Fred Rogers’ amazing life.


Story Idea #2: If you could create your own TV show, what would you name it and what would your show be about? Who would you cast in your show?

It help you write a great essay, we have some helpful hints and timely tips.

Today's Ryder Riddle
Here's a Riddle for You:
Fred Rogers. How do you spell his name without using the letter "R"?

H-I-S  N-A-M-E

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