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If you’re a typical young student, you may believe that grammar is just another semi-boring subject that won’t have much of an impact on your future. But if you believe that, you’re mistaken.

Actually, grammar is one of the most important and useful subjects you can study in school. Why? Because for the rest of your life, you’ll depend upon communication skills to get your message across, whether you’re at home, at school, at church, at work, or just about anyplace else, for that matter.

When you learn the basic rules of constructing and punctuating sentences, you’ll be able to express yourself more convincingly when you write things down and when you speak.


4 Reasons Why It Pays to Learn Grammar

Reason #1: Grammar Skills Rub Off on Other Subjects: School becomes much easier when you know grammar, so the sooner you learn it, the better. Since most classes require you to write theme papers or essays as a part of the coursework, you’re going to need good grammar skills, whether you like it or not. When you learn to write well, you’ll make better grades with the same amount of work, so you might as well learn grammar now.

Reason #2: Better Grammar Help You Get Into Better Schools. You’re going to need your writing skills when you start applying to colleges. It may seem like it’s so far in the future that it’s never going to happen, but it’s going to happen. And you’ll probably end up going to a better college if you possess solid writing skills.

Reason #3: Better Grammar Equals Better Grades in Future Years: Once you’re in college, you’ll earn a higher GPA if you can express yourself effectively in print.

Reason #4: Better Verbal and Writing Skills Equal More Options After You Graduate: If you learn (and use) good grammar—and if you learn to communicate effectively in writing—you’ll have wider job choices. And In many professions, using good grammar will help you earn a higher income. Plus, when you have effective communication skills, you’ll have more flexibility in your choice of careers.

Writing Tips

It’s Not As Hard As You Think

You may think that learning the rules of the road for grammar and punctuation is one of those subjects that’s simply too hard to master. But it’s not. One of the great things about learning grammar is that you can learn a little more every day, and it eventually adds up.

  • You can increase your vocabulary one word at a time.
  • You can learn the principles of grammar one concept at a time.
  • You can practice your writing skills one short essay at a time.

It’s a fact: You can learn grammar if you’re willing to dedicate just a few minutes each day. And the payback for those few minutes will be far greater than you might think.

And You Can Improve Quickly

Author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy once observed that, “Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve.” And he was right. So don’t underestimate the importance of English class, where you learn grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Because good grammar pays, and over a lifetime, it pays a lot.

Q and A
Just for fun, see if you can answer these questions.
What's wrong with this sentence

Because it’s a question, the sentence needs a question mark at the end. By the way, every sentence ends with either a period, and exclamation point, or a question mark.

so what's wrong with this sentence?

Every sentence should start with a capital letter. That means that means the word “so” should be “So.”

How could you improve this sentance

You could start improving it by spelling sentence correctly. And you would also put a question mark at the end.

And finally, can you improve your grammar skills if you work at it a few minutes every day?

Of course you can.

Write Your Own Story

If you have time, you can write a story of your own.

Here are a couple of story ideas you can choose from.

Idea #1: You can write a brief essay about ways that learning grammar skills now might help you later in school.


Idea #2: ou can write a brief essay about ways that grammar skills could help you get into a better college someday.

To help you write a great story, we have some helpful hints and timely tips.

Today's Ryder Riddle

Here's a riddle for you:

What is a pronoun?

A noun that gets paid.

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